Pamela Testimonial

I had two ACL operations before coming to Dr. Lucie.  Until my total knee replacement, I didn’t realize surgery is so serious.  I was a chronic pain patient for eight years, so Dr. Lucie had to coordinate many health issues.

The JOI staff treated me very nicely.  They were willing to work with me in many ways, so I donated a valuable piece of equipment used by University of Florida athletes to help others.  The whole atmosphere generates the spirit of teamwork; each treated me like a human being, and in today’s atmosphere, that’s something really good.  They know what’s best for the patient!  I saw people cheating on their PT, and I knew you should never do that because it will ultimately affect the healing process.  I think healing has a lot to do with one’s attitude.  I am convinced that if one gives, it comes back to you in blessings.  This must be JOI’s motto – giving back is a beautiful experience.  I have to have a left hip soon – I’ll be calling Dr. Lucie!  Thanks, JOI!

– Pamela

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