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Stem Cells

Adult Stem Cell Therapy is a non-surgical, regenerative medicine therapy

It can repair orthopaedic injuries, disorders, and diseases

Today’s advanced treatment for healing injuries involves regenerative therapy or non-surgical, adult bone marrow stem cell treatment. Dr. Lucie is specially trained in providing the most advanced orthobiologic and surgical product solutions of uncompromising quality to treat his patients. It’s important to know:

  • regenerative medicine procedures are used to repair orthopaedic injuries, disorders, and diseases
  • adult bone marrow stem cell therapy is your body’s way to accelerate a natural healing response by extracting some of your own healthy, natural stem cells from bone marrow and fat, then injecting them back into the joint, specifically into the injured soft tissue, to regenerate, thereby, increasing healing and restoring damaged cells
  • benefits may include immediate pain relief allowing you to return to work or your favorite sport in days

Are you a candidate for Adult Stem Cell Therapy?

If your current treatment plan is not working, you might want to consider this type of fast healing therapy for aging or deteriorated stem cells. The result may last for years – or forever – it’s up to your body’s response. Also, your body will not reject these cells. Though not for everyone, this treatment cannot be prescribed for individuals who have:

  • An active cancer
  • History of lymphoma
  • A regimen of using of blood thinners

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