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Adult Stem Cell Treatment for a Painful Elbow relieves pain and enhances tissue regeneration naturally

Stem cell treatment for a painful elbow is typically diagnosed in patients who are experiencing pain from trauma, repetitive use, or wear-and-tear degeneration. Usually, stem cell procedures for the elbow are performed in-office. Dr. Lucie will take bone marrow via an injection, apply a concentrate or spin it, then reapply it to the specific site. The in-office, non-invasive injection procedure takes around 45 minutes and allows most patients go back to work or can continue low-impact activities with some restrictions. Some patients have reported mild, decreasing pain and some have had immediate and sustained pain relief as tissue regenerates. If in-office, the result may allow you to delay or avoid invasive surgery. Dr. Lucie will discuss all options with you.

Diagnosis may include: 

  • Partial tears of the ulna collateral ligament
  • Osteoarthritis

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