Frequently asked questions and answers for Adult Stem Cell Therapy

Does my insurance cover this procedure?

Since this is a new procedure in orthopaedics, coverage may vary. If not, we offer payment options. Our insurance experts at JOI are happy to help.

How much does this procedure cost?

The cost is based on the procedure. Once the exact procedure is defined, we can provide a cost.

Why am I just hearing about adult stem cell procedures for orthopaedics?

Clinical studies for stem cell research and treatments have been around for decades. Just recently it has been part of orthopaedic treatment for certain diagnoses. We use autologous cells – your own cells – to enhance your own body’s healing process – your body does not reject its own cells. Dr. Lucie has been specially trained in specific stem cell procedures and feels it is safe and can be extremely helpful in treatment for approved patients. The new field of Regenerative Medicine for orthopaedics is expanding because using stem cells has proven to be effective in repairing damaged tissue, such as ligaments, tendons, and bone as well as some diseases.  

Why do adult stem cells heal?

A Stem cells are found throughout the body. By using your body’s own stem cells, your body has the ability to heal faster due to the fact there is no immunologic ejection by your own cells. The damaged tissue or aging cells regenerate new cells efficiently which has been shown by researchers to be of great value regarding the future or orthopaedic medicine. 

Where are adult stem cells found that are used in orthopaedic procedures?

These cells are found in adult bone marrow and adipose or fat tissues. 

How do you take my stem cells out of my body?

Dr. Lucie will take these cells out of your body with an injection system, process the cells, then deliver them directly back into the injury or surgical site to enhance healing.

How long do these cells last?

The length of time stem cells last depends on your body’s response, where it was used, and the extent of injury.

Can I just get a joint injection of my own cells to relieve pain?

Yes. Depending on your diagnosis, you may be able to have a joint injection to relieve pain in our office and go back to work. Depending on the specific site of treatment, you may have to limit certain activities, such as lifting something heavy, etc. Dr. Lucie will discuss with you what you need to do post-surgery or post-injection.

What is an autologous vs. allogeneic cell?

Autologous cells are from your own body; allogeneic cells are taken from another patient, sent through a specific process, then injected into another patient.

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