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Adult Stem Cell Treatment for a Painful Shoulder relieves pain and enhances tissue regeneration naturally

Stem cell treatment for a painful shoulder is typically diagnosed in patients who are experiencing pain from small-to-large repetitive movements, such as golfers, tennis players, baseball players as well as careers that involved certain equipment use to musicians. Usually, stem cell procedures for the shoulder are performed in-office. Dr. Lucie will take bone marrow from your pelvis via an injection, apply a concentrate or spin it, then reapply it to the specific site. The in-office, non-invasive injection procedure takes around 45 minutes and allows most patients go back to work or can continue low-impact activities with some restrictions. Some patients have reported mild, decreasing pain and some have had immediate and sustained pain relief as tissue regenerates. If in-office, the result may allow you to delay or avoid invasive surgery. 

Diagnosis may include:

  • Osteoarthritis

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